Nordstrom Skirt Outfit

Today I wanted to bring you guys an affordable skirt that will go with so many different outfits. It's available at Nordstrom for under $40 (wearing an XS), plus it's super comfortable! I decided to pair it with my Free People white v-neck sweater, that I have paired so many other outfits with. The studded loafers that I'm wearing with this outfit are unfortunately sold out, but I will link some similar options. 


Loft Try-On Haul

Hi friends! Last week I mentioned that I would do a blog post dedicated to my most recent Loft visit, so here it is! This post will include pictures, sizing info, and direct links to everything I posted about it. Let's get started. 

How could one say no to this cute leopard sweater? I'm completely smitten over it. Wearing a size small. 

 This pink sweater is the one item that I actually did not get. But I keep thinking about it and will probably go back and get it. It's so cute, I love it! Wearing a size small. 

This striped sweater is actually the same sweater as the pink sweater above, just in a different color/pattern. I also wore it last weekend and posted it on my Instagram. Again, wearing a size small here. 

This speckled sweater is adorable and perfect for the office or for everyday life. It is also longer in the back as seen in the above photo. Wearing a XS here. 

This sweater is one of my favorite sweaters! It's so soft and fun to wear. I also love the fun sleeves on it. Wearing an XS here. I also got these jeans from Loft. These are a great Madewell dupe (for half the price). Wearing a 25 in jeans. 

This is another sweater that I posted on my Instagram this past weekend. I mentioned that it reminds me of a dark, starry night. I love it! Wearing a small petite here. 

Cardigans are my weakness, and this one is no different! It's super soft and has pockets. Despite the lighting in this picture, I got the charcoal color. Wearing an XS. 

Loved this cowl neck sweater in this deep green color. It feels like wearing a blanket. Highly recommend! Wearing an XS petite. 

Another sweater that I was completely smitten over! Love the attached layers and the pretty semi open back. This goes perfect with some black jeans and even a faux leather jacket for when it gets cold. Wearing a size small. 

This concludes my first ever try-on haul! I Hope you liked it. As always, let me know if you have any questions!


Simple, Everyday Outfit

Hi, all! Today I wanted to share this super easy and simple outfit. I love pairing light green jeans with a white top and a hint of leopard-such a good color combo! I also think this outfit would look good with a skinny leopard belt, I'm currently on the hunt for one! If you couldn't tell, I like to incorporate "old" items of clothing into my outfits, because I simply cannot afford to always buy new things! So this white sweater is an item I've had for over a year, it's a great item to dress up in different ways. The leopard sneakers that I'm wearing are more of a splurge (for me at least) but I just could not hold back on them. They are so fun to wear! This green denim is a great Madewell dupe. I got it from the Universal Thread line at Target. As always, let me know if you have any questions and I will link everything at the bottom of this post. Have a great day!


Fall Cardigan Sweater

Happy Friday, all! Today I'm pretending that it is Fall in California with this cozy cardigan sweater (wearing xxs) from Nordstrom. Unfortunately, this cardigan and the purple sweater top that I'm wearing are both sold out : ( BUT.. I thought I would still share it because it tends to come back in stock in random sizes. If you are interested in either item, I would just add it to your "WishList" on Nordstrom (I check mine on the app daily). I'm also wearing my favorite jeans from Free People and these (currently on sale for under $40!) black mules that I have been raving about for a few weeks now. Now all I need is the weather to get colder so I can wear this outfit out in public ; ) As always, let me know if you have any questions! Have a great weekend : )


Free People Cloud Nine T-Shirt

Happy Wednesday, friends! Gotta love a short week, am I right? Today I'm sharing this super casual outfit (shocking, I know ; )) that I love. I've had this shirt for a while now but just realized that it's currently on sale and is sooo soft and comfortable to wear. I've also been wearing these Madewell denim shorts non-stop since I got them (as I'm sure you can tell by some of my recent Instagram pictures). And a funny story about these sandals, I've had my eye out for them for a few months now because I've seen a few girls wearing them out and about. This past weekend I walked into Tilly's because I needed a new pair of everyday sandals that I could get dirty (not pictured here) and while I was there, I saw the sandals I've been eyeing on display! I was so happy but noticed that the pair on display was a 5.5 and I'm normally a size 6 in shoes. I asked if they had a size 6 and the girl told me that it was the only pair they had. I tried it on and they actually fit perfectly! Total meant to be moment. Then the girl told me that she was so happy they worked out for me because they have been sitting on display for weeks because they have always been too small for everyone who walked into the store haha. I guess this is one of the perks of having small feet : ). 

That's all for today-hope you have a great rest of your week! 


My Top 10 Amazon Picks

Hi friends! Sorry it has been a minute, I am finally recovering from being sick and am just now getting around to a new blog post. I thought it would be fun to do a post all about my top 10 Amazon picks right this minute! Lately I've fallen in love with buying things off of Amazon because it is so much more cheaper than buying these items in store! It's truly a win-win and I don't think I will ever go back to paying more money in a store (who wants to do that?!)

I recently bought these pillows and let me just say-they are a true game changer! They are perfect for lounging and just watching TV in bed. So much better than the typical pillow size, because you have to stack at least three of those in order to get comfortable (at least I do..). These are also typically found in every nice hotel, so they really feel like luxury! I also ended up getting two covers for these pillows for under $15 (message me for the link if you're interested) which was great because I walked into Target to look for some and they were selling ONE euro sham pillow case for $35! Who knew I could get so excited for a pillow??

Let me just say that I have no idea how I lived my life without a Beauty Blender before I discovered them! Another true game changer, but in the makeup world : ) This product really helps your foundation apply seamlessly and make it look great. If you haven't already discovered them, I highly recommend it!

Okay first of all, I do not have a pool in my backyard nor do I even have access to a pool, BUT if I did, this would definitely be my first purchase! I mean, how fun would this pool float be?! It would also make for a really great picture, if you ask me ; ) 

I purchased this portable air conditioner last Summer during the worst heat wave I've ever experienced in California and I definitely would not be able to function without it! Especially because I live in a house that has zero air conditioning...It works great and has lasted a year for me so far. 

How fun is this towel?! I already have a round beach towel that has a black and white design, but this one is next on my list! It totally screams Summer and would be perfect for the beach. 

I've recently gotten into protein shakes and so far, this is my favorite! I've been making it almost everyday for the past two months and it really helps me stay full until lunch time. I've shared this on my Insta-Stories before, but the recipe that I use is: 8oz. of coconut milk, one scoop of this protein powder, one banana, and a half cup of ice. That's it! So easy and yummy too. 

I love love love Dyson fans! Why? They are modern, work great, easy to clean, and zero blades which is great if you live in a household with pets or young children. I've had mine for over three years and it still works great. 

These nail files are definitely next to buy on my Amazon list. I'm in need of a good nail file and I've heard that these last years! Plus this comes in a pack of four. 

The wet brush is great for detangling your hair after you wash it. I just recently retired my very first wet brush after almost eight years (is that gross?! haha)-it was definitely HIGH TIME for a new one! With that being said, they last a really long time and work great for your hair. I also love that this comes in a two pack, you can always leave one in your bathroom (or where ever you brush your hair) and one in your away bag for trips! That way, you never forget it : )

I've been using Egyptian Magic for years and it is my holy grail night time moisturizer! I've tried others, but with my dry skin, nothing compares or lasts as long as Egyptian Magic. My skin never feels dry once I put it on and it lasts until the next day. It's also more expensive in stores, so I really recommend buying it online! 

This concludes my Top 10 Amazon Picks! Hope you guys liked it and let me know if you have any questions : )