Fourth of July Fun

Hi friends! I’m so excited that my favorite holiday is right around the corner. There’s just something about this magical holiday that gets me so excited, even if I don’t have any plans! Maybe it’s the fun in the sun, the tasty BBQ food, or the bright red, white, and blue attire that us American’s sport.  I just love it all.  

Today I’m sharing a patriotic Fourth of July look that’s perfect for any occasion! Baseball games, concerts, BBQ’s, pool parties, you name it! And by the way, this is the comfiest t-shirt I think I have ever worn! Wearing a size Medium for reference : )

I paired this t-shirt with some denim shorts from H&M and a pair of classic Chuck Taylors (so American of me, right?).  

By the way, I wanted to fill you guys in on a little life update that I have regarding my job.  Since I work with kids, my Summer schedule is a little different. For the next several weeks, I will be working at least 40 hours a week and don’t really have a designated “break” time like someone does with a “normal” job.  If you’ve noticed on Instagram this past week or so, my posts have been a little off; some early in the morning, and some evening or even night posts.  It’s just because I don’t always have time in the morning, and sometimes I need a little “relaxing time” after I get off.  Working 8+ hours a day while supervising 50+ kids can be very exhausting! So please, bare with me and know that I’m not forgetting about you! Thanks for hangin’ in there with me and for all of your continuous support : ) 

I will also link some other great Fourth of July finds that are on my wish-list! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July! Can’t wait to hear what all of your guys’ plans are! As always, please let me know if you guys have any questions! Thanks for reading : )

Photos are taken by Hanna Snyder of Miramar Photography.  

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