Free People Cloud Nine T-Shirt

Happy Wednesday, friends! Gotta love a short week, am I right? Today I’m sharing this super casual outfit (shocking, I know ; )) that I love. I’ve had this shirt for a while now but just realized that it’s currently on sale and is sooo soft and comfortable to wear. I’ve also been wearing these Madewell denim shorts non-stop since I got them (as I’m sure you can tell by some of my recent Instagram pictures). And a funny story about these sandals, I’ve had my eye out for them for a few months now because I’ve seen a few girls wearing them out and about. This past weekend I walked into Tilly’s because I needed a new pair of everyday sandals that I could get dirty (not pictured here) and while I was there, I saw the sandals I’ve been eyeing on display! I was so happy but noticed that the pair on display was a 5.5 and I’m normally a size 6 in shoes. I asked if they had a size 6 and the girl told me that it was the only pair they had. I tried it on and they actually fit perfectly! Total meant to be moment. Then the girl told me that she was so happy they worked out for me because they have been sitting on display for weeks because they have always been too small for everyone who walked into the store haha. I guess this is one of the perks of having small feet : ). 

That’s all for today-hope you have a great rest of your week! 

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