Not My Cup of Trends

Hello again! As promised, I wanted to do a blog post where I talk about some trends that I actually do not care for and that seem to be everywhere at the moment.  Everyday I scroll Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and these trends flood my feed! I literally can’t go through ten pictures without seeing one of them. I understand that a lot of people love these trends, but for me, they are just not my cup of tea (hence the title of this blog post). Now, I want to make it clear that I am NOT bashing on other fashion bloggers or making fun of anyone. I do feel that these trends look good on other people, I just do not think they would look good on me and I simply would not feel comfortable wearing them.  

Let’s get started…

1. Flare Pants
Bell-bottoms, flare pants, whatever you want to call it, I simply am just not a fan of these.  My go-to pant leg is mostly always straight legged, which is why you most likely will never see me wearing these : )

2.  Mules
Flat mules, heeled mules, slipper mules….No thank you!

3. Vertical Stripes
Okay, we all know I’m obsessed with stripes…BUT I just cannot get into the thick, vertical stripes that I see here and there.  I think it just reminds me too much of a Foot Locker employee or a referee, or even a witch costume?…anyone else?

4. Cold-Shoulder
I can’t get into this cold shoulder trend… I’m not really sure why but I do feel like I would actually have “cold shoulders” if I were to wear one of these and I simply do not like being cold!  Plus, I’m just not a fan of the cut outs on the shoulder area.

5. Bell-Sleeves
Does this make me a bad fashion blogger if I don’t like bell sleeves?  Well, I’m sorry but I just can’t pretend that I like this trend.  I could probably deal with a small bell sleeve but definitely not the dramatic bell sleeved as pictured above.

6. Fuzzy Slipper Mules
I remember the very first time I saw these worn on a big name fashion blogger and I thought “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe she’s wearing those!” And that seemed to spread like wildfire and now they are everywhere.  Yes, they look comfy, but I just can’t get into the style.

7. What kind of purse is this even called??
A straw purse? A wooden purse?  Will I get splinters if I wear it? This seems to be the go-to Spring purse at the moment, but you will not see me wearing this at all….Sorry!

8. Ruffles
Yes, you heard right…I am not a fan of ruffles! Especially dramatic ruffled sleeves like the one pictured above. And of course, I feel like I’m the only blogger out there that doesn’t like them : /

So there you have it! Trends that I’m just not that into (if at all). Phew! Feels good to get that off my chest, you know? 

Are there any trends on here that you don’t care for as well? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below : )

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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