The Last Chapter

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that I have really taken a step back in terms of blogging and even posting on Instagram. Well, I’m here to announce that this will be my last post on Soul of Stripes. I apologize in advance if this has disappointed you in any way. Those were not my intentions. It’s just that this whole blogging/posting outfit pics on Instagram became something that I started to not look forward to. I used to love scrolling Instagram and liking my favorite outfits from other bloggers that I admired, but now, I can barely stay on Instagram for longer than 10 minutes. I also used to love watching other blogger’s try-on hauls on stories but have to skip through because fashion is just not my main focus right now. I now enjoy following more photography accounts, and less bloggers (I still won’t be able to stop following my favorite bloggers though!). Fashion blogging in the Instagram world has become filled with too many fake accounts or accounts that are just trying a little too hard, and that is just not me.

With that said, I will be closing my Soul of Stripes Instagram account within the next few weeks. Due to previous collaborations, I legally have to keep certain posts up for at least six months from the time I posted them, so it will be a slow closing. However, I started a new, personal Instagram where I will post a little bit of everything, and a far less focus on fashion. I also hope to get better at photography once I get more settled with my new job. If you wish to continue to follow along, you can find me here. I will also continue to keep my account and will post occasionally on there. I’ve always had a personal Instagram account (my first one) that I started over 8 years ago and never post/even go on it anymore but I just don’t have the heart to close it yet haha. So I’ll be changing the name on that account since my new Instagram username will simply be my name. I would have used my full name, but there seems to be another Brianna Sliva out there!

As always, you can still DM me on my new account if you ever need some fashion advice, I’m happy to help!

I also wanted to say a big thank you for all of your support over these past two years! I truly appreciate it..

That’s all I have to say-please take care.



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