Under Eye Concealer Challenge

Hi guys!  I wanted to do a post about my biggest make-up challenge; covering those under eyes! Ever since I started my blog, this was one of my very first ideas because I’ve struggled with it my whole life and hope I can help someone else out there dealing with the same problem! Now, if you’re like me, you struggle with trying to conceal your under eyes everyday.  If I go a day without under eye concealer on, I get questions like “Are you feeling okay?” or “You look tired” or even “Are you sick?” My response as always is; “Umm.. I feel fine, I’m just not wearing any makeup!” I eventually got sick of all of those comments and now I generally never go a day without under eye concealer.

With that said, there are PLENTY of makeup brands out there that offer different kinds of concealers that are meant for your under eyes.  So it should be easy to find one that works for you, right? Wrong! At least not for me… I’ve gone through a countless number of different concealers that just did not make the cut for my extremely dark under eyes.  Which is why I’m here today to share what I’ve tried, what products work for me, and what qualities I look for in an under eye concealer.

I actually started wearing under eye concealer when I was in middle school and haven’t stopped since.  The first concealer that I fell in love with and that I thought worked for me was Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer.  I can’t tell you how many bottles of this stuff I have gone through.  I liked it because it was full coverage, did not crease, and seemed to last longer than other concealers I have tried.  But over the years I realized that I really hate how it comes in a pump form.  With a pump, a lot of the product comes out and ultimately gets wasted because you only need so much.  This also tends to get very messy (dislike!).  I also didn’t love the shades they offer, they were either too light for me, or to orangey.  So after so many years of using Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer, I was on the hunt to find my new perfect under eye concealer.  

I next tried Younique’s Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting concealer because I heard some good things about how it can even conceal tattoos.  I thought to myself, “well if it can cover tattoos, then it should cover my dark under eyes!”  Although it did do a good job at concealing, I just did not like how it came in a tube, or how thick the formula is.  When formulas are extremely thick, it can be hard to blend it in flawlessly.  So I continued my search for a better concealer.

The next product I tried was Maybelline’s Master Conceal corrector.  I heard so many good things about this concealer that I just had to try it myself.  Well, I have to admit that I was disappointed because it claims to be “full coverage” but it definitely did not completely cover my dark under eyes. BUT I did like how it conceals blemishes so I decided to keep it and I occasionally use it for different situations.  

I then decided to turn to Tarte Cosmetics.  I have tried a few of their other products and loved it so I thought I’d try some of their concealers.  I first tried their Maracuja Creaseless Concealer.  I loved how it is full coverage, but unfortunately, it is not creaseless.  Plus, it comes in a tube form and I was really longing to find a concealer in a wand form.  But again, this product is really good at concealing blemishes so I decided to keep it.  

Now, time to talk about my new ultimate favorite under eye concealer!  Behold Tarte’s CC Undereye Corrector and Shape Tape.  I first discovered their CC corrector when I was in my local Sephora and one of their employees told me about it.  It is basically an extra step in concealing your under eyes but it is so worth it.  I put this on before I apply my concealer and it helps a lot.  Then, I started hearing so much about Tarte’s Shape Tape and how so many people were obsessed with it.  I even heard how hard it is to order it because they constantly run out of it.  I thought to myself “Wow- I should really try this!”  I then discovered that Tarte’s Shape Tape is exclusively sold only at ULTA (insert sad face).  Being that I am a loyal Sephora customer, it was very weird to cheat on Sephora for ULTA… BUT it had to be done and although I’m still really upset that Sephora doesn’t carry Shape Tape, I’m so glad that I ordered it and tried it! 

I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE Tarte’s Shape Tape.  First off, it comes in a wand form (yay!) and the formula is not at all too thick.  Also, it does NOT crease, is FULL coverage, matte and lasts for hours!  Now, pair that together with Tarte’s CC undereye corrector cream, and you have a match made in heaven! I also use a Beauty Blender to blend flawlessly.  This duo covers my extremely dark under eyes and I am forever grateful that I discovered it (insert happy face!).   I also top off the concealer with Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder.  This powder is only meant for your under eyes and is a very important step in order to lock in the job of the concealer.  I may have to use three different products with at least five total layers of product, but that’s what you have to do if you have extremely dark under eyes like I do.  To me, the prices of these products are well worth it if you use it everyday like I do!

I really hope this helps your search for an under eye concealer!  Is there an under eye concealer that you swear by?  I’d love to know what! Leave a comment below and feel free to shop directly from this post!

Have a great day, friends!

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